TP Link CPE540 Setup

Tp Link cpe540 extender customization is expected. It gives you access to your account and allows you to make adjustments and arrangements quickly. So, how do you set up a TP-Link cpe extender to improve your house or office’s wifi signal? This website can assist you with that. Outside your home, you do not need to install another TP-Link router. Because of its outdoor wifi coverage applications, the TP Link cpe540 Setup is ideal for outside use. It provides all of its users with high-speed connectivity. It contains an incorporated antenna system that encourages increased gain and eliminates noise, thanks to contemporary innovation.

Things To Know Before Starting The TP-Link CPE540 Setup

Before you begin the TP Link cpe540 setup, make sure you have the following items. Having them on hand will facilitate a simple and quick setup.

  •   A Laptop or computer.
  • Ethernet cord
  • Modem.
  • SSID and network key 
  • A stable and accurate internet connection.
  • The range extender’s IP or Web address.
  • At last, the correct login credentials for logging into the TP-Link CPE540.
tp link cpe540 setup


That page does not need to be closed or logged out of. From there, you’ll need to continue with the TP link cpe540 setup.

  • Select a mode of operation for your TP-Link cpe540 extender.
  • Choose “repeater mode” from the options on the configuration screen.
  • Select “fast setup” from the options menu.
  • Select “Repeater” from the Operation Mode drop-down menu.
  • The LAN IP address can then be changed by going to the LAN settings.
  • Indicate your cpe540 extender’s LAN IP and Subnet mask.
  • The “Setup Wizard” will provide you with instructions. Please pay close attention to them.
  • Return to the TP Link  extender setup page after that. You will be utilising the new IP address this time

How to Login TP Link CPE540 Extender?

You must log in to access your dashboard for the complete TP Link Cpe540 setup. The default IP address can be used for the TP-Link CPE login procedure.

  • Open your browser on your device.
  • Now go to the login page by typing the default IP address or into your browser’s address bar. In the username and password fields, type “admin.”
  • Select Login.
  • Select your preferred area and language.
  • Then, by checking the box, you must agree to the terms of service.
  • You must now update both the default password and username. It can be customised.
  • After you’ve created your new login credentials, go ahead and click the “apply” button. This command will save the newly made changes.or 
tp link cpe510 setup

Wireless Settings of TP Link CPE540 Setup

tp link cpe540 setup

After you’ve logged in with your new IP address, continue customising the wifi settings for your TP link cpe540 Setup.

  • To join the network, scan the main SSID name of your cpe540.
  • To do so, go to “wireless client settings” and select “survey.” A list of available networks will appear.
  • To join this network, select your cpe540 SSID name and enter your wireless password.
  • To join the network, simply click the “Lock App” option.
  • For security reasons, change the wifi password.
  • Make any other necessary personal configurations on the TP Link cpe540 extender setup page.
  • When you’re finished, click “status” to get a list of all the changes you’ve made.
  • Click “finish” after you’re finished. The settings will be stored.
  • The cpe540 extender will restart and connect to the access point automatically.