TP Link CPE520 Setup

  Do you know how great features the TpLink CPE520 has? In addition, it has a System-Level Optimization that allows  signals to extend to 20 kilometres. A high-tech wifi connection is a must-have for anybody. As a result, you are able to get around any obstacles that have been set up in your office or home. Getting rid of dead corners is no longer an impossibility. The TP-Link cpe520 setup extender has a user-friendly design. 

tp link cpe520 setup

Requirements for TP Link CPE520 Setup

The setup process necessitates the employment of a variety of instruments to facilitate physical connection. Setup is a necessary aspect of the procedure. It’s best to avoid jargon that most people don’t understand by preparing the following tools.

  • There are ethernet wires
  • The use of a computer or a mobile device
  • Make note of your login information.

How to Login TP Link CPE520 extender?

If you need to log into your TP-Link cpe account for any reason, there are two ways to do so. Through the web address and then via the IP address. ‘ The IP address to use for TP-Link CPE login is:

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Simply type in in the address bar of your browser
  • Enter your username and password on the login page and click on the “Login” button.
  • Pick a location and a language to suit your needs. The term “region” may be used instead of “country” in some instances.
  • The “terms of service” must be agreed upon.
  • After that, you’ll need to update your password here.
  • Click “Apply” once the updated login details have been confirmed.
  • This is going to be saved automatically.
tp link cpe610 setup

The TP-LINK CPE520 Extender Setup

tp link cpe220 setup

A TP-Link cpe520 can be configured in a variety of ways, but we’re going to look at how to configure it as a repeater. This is often referred to as an “Extender range.”

  • Go to the TP Link CPE520 setup page and log in.
  • Choose a mode of operation.
  • A list of “operating modes” will appear; select “repeater mode” from the list.
  • Select “fast setup” from the options menu.
  • Choose “repeater” from another “operation mode” choice
  • Make changes to the LAN IP address in the LAN settings.
  • Then, for your TP-Link cpe520 extender, you must specify your LAN IP and Subnet mask.
  • Follow the setup instructions in the “setup wizard” carefully.
  • After that, go back to the TP-Link cpe520 extender setup page and log in again.