The TP Link CPE  extender setup is committed to providing applications that require external wireless networking at an affordable rate. For point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and outdoor Wi-Fi coverage, they are appropriate. The tp-link cpe series extenders are perfect for use in various households and workplaces due to its straightforward setup and installation process and user-friendly design. This website is dedicated to TP Link CPE Extender Setup in particular. This website can answer any questions you may have about setting up a tp-link extender or an outside CPE..

How to Setup TP Link CPE Extender

  • CPE extenders from TP-Link are designed specifically for outdoor use. It is perfect for wireless long-distance transfer of data exceeding 5 km.
  • The first step in TP Link  cpe  extender setup is to create a hardware connection. This is how you do it:
  • The power cable must be connected to the power adapter.
  • Next, insert the other end of an Ethernet cable into the power adapter.
  • Put the cable’s second end into the tplink cpe Ethernet port.
  • One end of another cable should be inserted into the power adapter.
  • The second end should be linked into your computer.
  • The power supply should now be attached to the wall outlet.
tp link cpe510 setup


tp link extender setup

Once all of the devices are linked, go to the tp-link cpe extender setup page and finalize the setting.

In order to begin the TP-Link cpe setup procedure, first update your computer’s IP address.

  • Open your PC’s network and sharing center to perform this.
  • Select “Properties” from the “Ethernet” button after clicking.
  • Change the IP address to by double-clicking ipv4 align.

You can complete the TP-Link wireless cpe setup once you have updated your computer’s ip address.

  • Login to TP-LINK CPE extender setup.
  • Start your preferred web browser.
  • Go to the login page at
  • Enter your username and password, which are both ‘admin,’ to log in now.
  • then pick the right nation or region.
  • Choose your language.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.

TP Link CPE Extender Setup process

You can proceed to configure your cpe extender’s settings once you’ve finished the TPLink CPE Extender Setup process.

  • You can update the admin password once you are in the TP-Link cpe extender setup procedure to improve security.
  • Go to “Quick setup” now and select “repeater” mode.
  • The management IP address can then be updated, or you can remain with the default address.
  • You must now update the device’s wifi settings.
  • Your TP-Link cpe extender network’s SSID should be changed.
  • Update the wifi password.
  • Once there, all of the setup settings will be shown on the Status page.
  • Wait for the settings to take effect after clicking “Finish.”
tp link cpe extender setup


tp link extender setup

The TPlink CPE extender setup  can be relocated to a centralized place after being unplugged from the power source.

LED Markings

The CPE extender can be relocated to a centralized position after being disconnected from the power source.

  • AP/AP router mode LED 1
  • AP client mode, LED2-client, bridge, repeater,
  • Device connected to port, but there is no activity, according to LAN LED 1 ON.
  • LAN LED 2 flashing shows that the device is working and connected to the port.
  • The CPE is turned on by the power LED.


Between two remote places, a wireless bridge is located. Two CPEs are required; one works as an AP and the other as a client device.

Setup of the TP-LINK  CPE as an Access Point

Making a hardware connection between the devices is the first step in the TPLink CPE Extender setup process. You can then continue with the tp-link cpe setup and login process.

  • Installing and setting up TP-LINK CPE point-to-point
  • Go to the Quick setup page after logging into Phas OS.
  • Click “Next” after selecting “Access Point” as the operational mode.
tp link cpe520 setup
  • LAN Settings: Press “Next”
  • Create a new SSID for your wireless network under the wireless AP settings.
  • Generate a password and choose the security technique WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK.
  • Now, fill out the distance settings area with the distance between the access point and the client.
  • Verify the options, then press “Finish” to put them into effect.


ttp link cpe extender setup

Again, in order to start the tp-link wireless cpe setup, you must create a hardware connection. Follow a procedure:

  • Go to the Quick setup page after logging into Phas OS.
  • Click “Next” after selecting “Client” as the operating mode.
  • Change the IP address in the LAN Settings to 192.168.0.X, the same subnet as the Access Point, and then click “Next.”
  • Wireless settings: click connect after selecting the access point’s SSID.
  • From the security menu, choose WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK, and then type the password.
  • Verify the options, then press “Finish” to finish the setup.
  • Configuring Tplink CPE extender setup as a Client Device.